The ProfitFirst Academy for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Imagine running a business that both profitable and promising… all your hard work is showing up through your bottom line. Knowing your numbers is a vital key to your new or existing business’ success.

Welcome to The ProfitFirst Academy. This robust programming involves a series of both online and offline courses with finance as it’s core competency. You will have access to live calls, community discussions, 1:1 private support, and other tools to help you build and sustain a profitable business. The learnings will be shared through videos, audio, and live events. Ingrid Morris, The Numberz Girl, has 20+ years of successful experience growing operations and business up to $200MM.

The academy is designed to help you increase:

  • Sale Revenue
  • Clients
  • Paying Customers
  • Streams of Income
  • Strategies for Success

The Academy allows you to have your very own CFO. You’ll receive support in:

  • Business analysis
  • Contracts & Payments
  • Business Growth Opportunities
  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Financial Statement Preparation

Whether your business is thriving, or dying the ProfitFirst Academy will help you run your business like a major corporation utilizing their strategies and formats.

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