Financial Leadership

Why allow the financial stability of your company to be threatened by a missing component: CFO Support?
Many companies aremissing a critical resource inthe formulation of detailed financial and business planning: executive level CFO guidance. A CFO with extensive experience will help develop strategy and plans profitability, while balancing the need for strategic ROI and infrastructure planning.Companies with access to this type of strategic financial and operational counsel typically benet from consistent, protablegrowthand a more stable staff.

Our Financial Leadership Service affords small to medium-sized businesses and non-profits opportunities to exceed their financial expectations and commitments to their stakeholders.

  • Virtual CFO Services

  • Revenue and Expense Management

  • Customized Profitability Strategies

  • Account Management Support

  • Chief of Staff Support

Sales Leadership

  • 73% of CEO’s think sales skills are a key concern for their business.
  • The sales profession has a 2X turnover rate compared to other elds.
  • 66% of employees are disengaged from their jobs due to lack of training, development, and support. Attracting, retaining, and rewarding a salesforce is the true recipe for profit. Most often, the sales plans are not directly in line with the profit plans of the company. If more sales professionals understood their contribution to the bottom line, had increased financial acumen, and received the right motivation and training; they could positively impact shareholder value.

Our Sales Leadership Service teaches sales professionals how to connect their performance to the business imperatives. Sales Optimization is a no-nonsense and less complicated way to grow, accelerate, and sustain your sales base.

  • Talent Assessment

  • Strategy Review

  • Portfolio Profitability Baselines

  • Pipeline Development

  • Success Metric Creation

  • Sales Workshops

Life Leadership

Life can be a box of chocolates, or a bag of bricks. Depending on the day, you can experience both. But how do you deal with it? What do you do when life throws you a curve ball of disappointment? How do you handle being passed over for promotions, not meeting or barely meeting your goals, personal challenges bleeding over into corporate challenges, or you’re simply tired of doing what others expect you to do?

The real solutions is life support. It’s time to connect to a source that will help you breathe until you’re prepared to do so on your own.

Our Life Leadership Service helps women find their purpose beyond the boardroom. It allows you leverage your title, not become your title.

  • Life Assessment

  • SOP Development (strength/opportunities/passion)

  • Strategy Implementation

  • Execution

  • Accountability/Check In

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