MORR Finance 1.0

How to Understand, Communicate, Execute Your

Numbers To Run A Profitable Business


The language of finance is foreign to many. So when starting a business, it can be frustrating and downright fearful. The average business fails not because they lack great products and services, it’s because they fail to understand, plan, and execute the financial side of their business.

In this 1.5 hour session, you will walk away with a feeling of empowerment over your numbers. You will not feel defeated and embarrassed about running a business without the financial knowledge you need to run a profitable business.

You will be able to:

  • Understand the basic financial terminology.
  • Develop a high level financial management strategy for your business.
  • Position your business for growth through data and numbers.
  • Learn how to create additional revenue streams.

Businessman on online Financial Assessment on a tablet . Team work in the office

Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Business Team In Office

Who is this for?

Business owners, start-ups, businesses without CFO support, failing businesses, and future business owners that want to get ahead of the financial curve.


What will you Get?

  • Full session of financial knowledge, examples, and information to help you plan.
  • Complete financial projection tool to help you start to strategically manage your business.
  • Pricing form to help price your services.
  • 30 minute 1:1 Session with the Facilitator & Expert (to be scheduled at your convenience)

What will You Learn?

  • Financial Terms (P&L, revenue, profit, COGS)
  • Why you need to know Growth rates, YOY variances, and Success Metrics
  • How to Develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • How to Develop your Financial Projections
  • How to Analyze your business
  • Why Income Statements/Balance Sheets/ Profit & Loss Statements are Important
  • Difference between a Bookkeeper/Accountant/CFO

What should I Bring?

  • Any financial documents you have for your business
  • Business Mission/Vision/Expectations
  • Annual Revenue
  • Pen/Laptop

Additional Questions:

No, you just need to want to learn numbers.
Yes, we will pause after each section to address questions you may have.
No, we actually love to work with people that have limited knowledge so that we can start you out on the right track from the beginning.
Yes, we will record all sessions. You will be able to email for you link and appointment scheduling.
The course to include the personal session is $199.00
While we believe you will receive more than the value of the session, we will refund your complete investment if you are not satisfied.

Ready for MORR Finance 1.0?